We are the first official funeral service in the United Arab Emirates and pride ourselves on our professionalism and in providing our clients with the very best in service and products.


Obtaining Death Certificate
Registering the Death with the
Cancellation of the Passport at the
respective Embassy/Consulate
Cancellation of the Visa at the
Immigration Department
The cremation in Dubai is done without a coffin and the body is only wrapped in white cotton (Dressing can also be arranged if required).

The process takes on average three to four working days and we ensure that the client is well informed at all times during the process...
In the United Arab Emirates it is possible for Expatriates of all religions to be buried. The most important rule is that the deceased has to be buried in the Emarites where his Visa (Visit or Resident) is form.

We use various graveyards in each of the Emarites to accomodate....
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